Jack Merritt murió apuñalado: ¿quién era la víctima de terrorista de Londres?

Jack Merritt murió apuñalado: ¿quién era el joven asesinado por un terrorista en Londres?

Facebook Jack Merritt murió apuñalado: ¿quién era el joven asesinado por un terrorista en Londres?

Luego del terrible ataque perpetrado el viernes en Londres por un joven de 28 años que atacó con cuchillo a varias personas en el Puente de Londres, familiares y amigos de una de las víctimas rindieron tributo a Jack Merritt, quien murió a manos del terrorista.

El joven, a quien su padre David Merritt describió como un “defensor de los desvalidos en todas partes”, fue la primera víctima identificada en el ataque terrorista del London Bridge (Puente de Londres).

Según Sky News, Merritt corrió hacia el caos cuando escuchó a la gente gritar pero trágicamente, junto a otra persona, una mujer, perdieron la vida. Otras tres personas resultaron heridas durante el ataque a puñaladas que estalló durante una conferencia universitaria en Fishmongers ‘Hall. La segunda víctima aún no ha sido identificada.

London Bridge attack victim named as prison rehabilitation expert Jack Merritt | ABC NewsOne of the victims of Friday's terrorist attack in London has now been named as 25-year-old Jack Merritt, a University of Cambridge graduate. He was one of two people killed in the London Bridge stabbing attack on Friday afternoon in the British capital. Police have confirmed the offender was 28-year-old Usman Khan. Europe correspondent Samantha Hawley reports from London. Read more here: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-12-01/london-bridge-attack-victim-named-as-jack-merritt/11754346 For more from ABC News, click here: https://ab.co/2kxYCZY If you're in Australia, you can watch more ABC News content on iview: https://ab.co/2mge4KH Subscribe to us on YouTube: http://ab.co/1svxLVE Go deeper on our ABC News In-depth channel: https://ab.co/2lNeBn2 You can also like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/abcnews.au Or follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/abcnews_au Or even on Twitter: http://twitter.com/abcnews2019-12-01T00:48:51.000Z

“Trágicamente, dos personas, un hombre y una mujer, murieron durante el ataque. Otros tres, un hombre y dos mujeres, también resultaron heridos y permanecen en el hospital”, escribió la policía de Met.

Usman Khan, un hombre de 28 años con una condena por terrorismo, fue el sospechoso que fue abatido a tiros por la policía después del ataque terrorista, que terminó cuando un grupo de heroicos espectadores arrojó al sospechoso al suelo.

Varias personas asistían a una conferencia de rehabilitación de la prisión en la universidad, cuando se dio el terrible ataque. La policía está tratando el hecho como un acto de terrorismo.

Amigos de la víctima aseguraron que Merritt estaba trabajando para lograr mejorar la sociedad.

First victim identified in London Bridge terror attackCambridge University graduate Jack Merritt, 25, has been named as the first victim of the London bridge terror attack which took place on Friday afternoon, London time.2019-11-30T20:01:26.000Z

“Trabajó para un programa destinado a mejorar la rehabilitación de prisioneros”, aseguró el diario Irish Times, que informó que el padre del chico de 25 años describió a su hijo como un “defensor de los desvalidos”.

Según el periódico Mirror, muchos ciudadanos heroicos entraron en acción, con un hombre dentro del Salón de Pescaderías, donde estalló el ataque, agarrando “un colmillo de narval de cinco pies” de la pared para alejar a Khan.

Times of London identificó a ese hombre como un chef llamado Luckasz, quien continuó acercándose al sospechoso después de ser apuñalado en la mano.

Según el medio Sky News, Jack Merritt “estudió derecho en la Universidad de Manchester antes de asistir a la Universidad de Cambridge entre 2016 y 2017″.

“Lamento profundamente escuchar que Jack Merritt fue asesinado en el ataque terrorista en el Puente de Londres. Lo entrevisté en la prisión de Warren Hill sobre el curso que dirigió para prisioneros y estudiantes universitarios… era un joven excelente, dedicado a mejorar la vida de las personas”, aseguró Joshua Rozenberg en su cuenta de Twitter.

El padre de Merritt dijo que su hijo no querría que la gente usara su muerte para promover políticas contra las que estaba luchando.
“Mi hijo, Jack, quien murió en este ataque, no desearía que su muerte fuera utilizada como pretexto para más sentencias draconianas o para detener a personas innecesariamente”, escribió el padre de Merritt, en su página de Twitter.

London Bridge, Jack Merritt was running a course at Fishmonger's Hall where the attack startedInfo – Viral – Fun One of the victims of yesterday's London Bridge terror attack has been named by his father. Jack Merritt, 25, from Cottenham, was the course co-ordinator for Learning Together, the education scheme run by the University of Cambridge's Institute of Criminology that killer Usman Khan had been yesterday afternoon. The group had been running a conference at Fishmonger's Hall where the attack started, with Khan one of the former criminals attending the rehabilitation seminar for prisoners. His father David said in a tweet that his son 'would not wish his death to be used as the pretext for more draconian sentences or for detaining people unnecessarily'. R.I.P. Jack: you were a beautiful spirit who always took the side of the underdog.' He also said his son had been a 'champion' for those who had been 'dealt a losing hand by life, who ended up in the prison system'. Giving a statement outside Scotland Yard, Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said Khan was subject to an 'extensive list of licence conditions' on his release from prison and that 'to the best of my knowledge he was complying with those conditions'. David said: 'Jack spoke so highly of all the people he worked with & he loved his job. 'Thank you for your support. I know his colleagues are in shock- please look after each other at this terrible time.' Jack studied law at Manchester University before doing an postgraduate degree at Cambridge. A woman was also killed and three others were injured in the knife rampage carried out by Usman Khan. Police were called to the north side of London Bridge at 1.58pm on Friday, after reports of a stabbing near Bank station and Fishmongers' Hall, which was hosting an event called 'Learning Together'. Khan had threatened to blow up the building at the start of the rampage before he headed towards London Bridge wearing a fake suicide vest. Minutes later, witnesses saw the knifeman being wrestled to the ground by members of the public before armed-response officers confronted him at 2.03pm and shot him dead. Two brave members of the public chased after the knifeman, one armed with a narwhal tusk and another with a fire extinguisher. Armed police, who confronted the suspect at 2.03pm, were heard shouting 'stop moving' twice before shooting the man at close range. The workshop run by Jack featured storytelling and creative writing moments before Khan began his attack. Khan had previously participated in Cambridge University's Learning Together prisoner rehabilitation sessions but had showed 'no cause for concern,' a source with knowledge of the programme said. The conference was posted on eventbrite and stated that it was 'a day to celebrate, connect and collaborate'. Workshops included interactive storytelling and creative writing workshops, and a panel discussion was due to take place on 'the power of education for social justice'. According to the Learning Together schedule of the day, Khan began his terror spree during the storytelling and creative writing session. Academics and criminal justice campaigners tweeted about the day at the grade II listed building and a photograph was posted online of the gathering. The 28-year-old attacker is understood to have been invited to share his experience of prison and wore black clothing and sand-coloured boots, according to The Times. A witness named Coralie said around 100 guests and 50 staff were in attendance. Khan returned to the hall via the grand staircase after the morning session where he later threatened to blow up the hall, a member of staff said. He reportedly started 'lashing out' in a room downstairs and was heading upstairs when he was tackled by the other conference-goers and 'bundled out' of the front door past a room of unarmed people. According to the source, all those involved in tackling Khan, with the exception of the man reported to be a Polish chef, were ex-offenders. At the time of the incident they were all either on day release, or had been released on licence. One of the group was James Ford, who admitted the murder of a woman with the mental age of a 15-year-old, in 2014. Amanda Champion, 21, was strangled and slashed across the throat by Ford in a completely random attack in Ashford, Kent. Ford was caught after a Samaritans worker broke a vow of anonymity to tell police that a man who had phoned the confidential service 45 times had confessed to killing a woman. The source said that risk assessment is 'front and centre' in the Learning Together programme, due to the involvement of students. They added that normal procedures by police and probation service had been undertaken with Khan and he had shown 'no cause for concern' up until the moment of the incident.2019-11-30T18:29:18.000Z

Merritt agregó: “Cambridge ha perdido a un hijo orgulloso y un defensor de los desvalidos en todas partes, pero especialmente aquellos que tuvieron una mano perdida de por vida, que terminó en el sistema penitenciario”.

Serena Wright, profesora de criminología del joven, dedicó un sentido mensaje en su Twitter.

London bridge attack victim Jack Merritt#JackMerritt #LondonbridgeUK #Stabbing2019-11-30T16:18:25.000Z

“David, conocí a tu hijo a través de Learning Together y lo amé muchísimo: era el individuo más dulce, más atento y desinteresado que he conocido. El corazón más cálido, siempre con tiempo para cualquiera. Completamente insustituible: lloraré mucho su pérdida y honraré su memoria”, comentó la académica.

Otra mujer escribió: “David Merritt y Jack Merritt, dos espíritus hermosos. Lo siento, David, por la pérdida de tu hijo. Me rompe el corazón. Todos estamos pensando en ti”.