Tom Brady Reaches out to Josh Gordon: When is his Patriots Debut?

Tom Brady Reaches Gordon Patriots Debut

Getty Tom Brady reaches out to Josh Gordon, set to debut.

Many people have been waiting for this day, since Josh Gordon was traded from Cleveland to the Patriots. The day is here and the New England Patriots wide receiver Josh Gordon is set to debut for his new team in Week 4, Patriots vs. Dolphins.

Fans are excited and Tom Brady seems to be as well. Brady is well aware of what Gordon can bring to the table, or at the very least is interested in building a relationship with his new teammate.

As ESPN’s Jeff Darlington revealed on NFL Sunday Countdown ahead of Week 4, Brady has “taken it upon himself” to get close to Gordon.

“Tom Brady has taken it upon himself to ingratiate himself to [Josh] Gordon and really get to know him. Their lockers are right next to each other in the locker room and Brady has reached out often times to Gordon to make sure they’re on the same page.” Darlington stated.

The Patriots offense has struggled in the last 2 games and Josh Gordon is finally active

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The Patriots offense has struggled to get things going in recent weeks, and Brady’s new relationship with Gordon could definitely help the team in a positive way. If Gordon and Brady are able to be on the same page, it could go a long way toward fixing issues that plagued the team in the first three weeks.

For instance, New England has averaged just 15 points in the last two games, including a 10-point showing on Sunday Night Football against the Detroit Lions last week. During the recent stretch, no wideout has tallied more than 44 receiving yards and in Week 3 only two receivers even caught passes (Chris Hogan and Cordarrelle Patterson).

The Patriots certainly need Gordon; through three games, their longest pass play is just 30 yards.

It was reported that Gordon allegedly suffered a hamstring injury earlier this month during a promotional shoot, though there have been few details about it.

What everyone is hoping is for Gordon and Brady to be in the same page, and if it happens, it’ll be scary for opposing defenses, and we should find out quickly in Week 4. Regardless, the longterm outlook between the quarterback-wide receiver will only benefit names like Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman when he returns and the rest of the team’s offensive weapons.

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